Behind the Meter Energy Claimed

5% discount on quoted price

We are an energy company based in Geraldton, Western Australia who provide more than just solar solutions to our clients across the state.

Coming from a highly technical background as electrical engineers, electricians and data analysts, our team of designers and energy consultants have the decades long industry experience and a comprehensive understanding of the highly dynamic energy market necessary to provide the best outcome for its customers.

No project is too large or too small. Whether you need a solar for your business, batteries for your home, services for a multi-megawatt renewable energy project or a stand-alone power supply for your fridge, we’ve got you covered.

Our process:

Engaging with our clients and stakeholders (property owners, businesses, community groups)

Understanding their requirements (energy savings, security, reliability, independence, sustainability)

Assessing each project individually considering: data, constraints, opportunities and risks (technical, financial, social)

Advising clients of the available options, providing transparent comparisons and projections (cost-benefit, risk analysis, environmental impact)

Delivering optimum project results to ensure customer satisfaction (on time, on budget, minimal hassle)

Providing superior customer support from start to finish and beyond (Regular updates, consultation, post-installation  performance validation)