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10% off all parts & charge one-way to travel jobs


Bosch Car Service Geraldton auto electrics and repairs is bound to be your number one choice. With well trained and experienced professionals our car service will be most capable to look after you and your vehicle right here in Geraldton WA.

  • Automotive electrical work on automotive, marine, agricultural, mining, motorcycles, caravans & mobility scooters.
  • Mobile service & air conditioner servicing.
  • Fit out all lights, reverse cameras, dual battery systems, electronic brakes and solar systems.
  • GPS tracking devices, crash cams and immobilisers.
  • Servicing alternators & starter motors.
  • Auto Electrics & Mechanical Repairs.
  • Mechanical Repairs & Servicing.
  • Advanced engine diagnostics.


Here at Bosch Car Service Geraldton we have many opportunities to help you when any inconveniences happen such as:

  • Need to go away on business? Leave your keys and car with us and we can do the work while you’re away.
  • All work that has been requested by you will be done and nothing more, this is so you can keep a clean head space for any worries and to know that we’re only carrying out the repairs that you asked for.
  • If the team finds any immediate problems, you will be contacted.
  • Before the car is serviced, a report will be shown to you, it will include the list of things you have asked for, quotes and parts you may need. An invoice will be given to you at the end of the service explaining the procedures that were taken to fix your car.
  • We can do pick-ups, if you’re in the area Bosch Car Service Geraldton can make an offer for a pick-up and delivery service of your vehicle if arranged when booking the car.

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