Given the difficulty in providing comparison information and also the vast range of product suites and individual options within products, plus the 'on its merits' risk grade pricing that is used for much Business and Agribusiness lending, the only simple option to reward GOPP members for supporting the Bank is to offer a set rebate based on certain lending products funded:

Product Sold or Taken by Client Rebate Paid
Home Loan >$100,000 but < $500,000 (with Application fee $150 waived) $250
Home Loan > $500,000 (with application fee $150 waived) $500
Personal Loan $100
Business or Agribusiness Loan > $100,000 but < $500,000 $500
Business or Agribusiness Loan > $500,000 but < $1,000,000 $1000
Business or Agribusiness Loan > $1,000,000 $1500
Equipment Finance Loan > $20,000 but < $50,000 $100
Equipment Finance Loan > $50,000 $250

Fees associated with these lending approvals will be considered on a case by case basis by the Bank, but the rebates offered will stand alone.

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Phone: 08 9921 2335

Please note this form gets sent to GOPP, NOT directly to the supplier. Please use the contact details above to contact the supplier directly

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