ADVANCED Air-filter Cleaning Claimed

Mining/Industrial pricing on air cleaning filters

At ADVANCED AIR FILTER CLEANING, we recycle quality air filters, restoring them to the same or better filtering status as brand new, allowing the end user to reuse their air filters, reduce and control their hazardous waste, while cutting their company’s cost.

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ADVANCED AIR FILTER CLEANING uses a Sonic Dry Clean system – the World Leader In Air Filter Dry Cleaning Technology. We can clean any air filtration system from machinery to concrete silo filters.


  • Reduce air filter costs by 75% … or more. An air filter cleaned by our cleaning process will be a cleaner air filter and provide better engine protection than replacing a dirty air filter with a brand new filter!
  • Help Waste Management – By cleaning air filters rather than disposing of them after a single use you can help reduce landfill. Air filters can be cleaned by the Sonic Dry Clean process several times without loss of integrity or efficiency.
  • Fight Pollution – Clean air filters save on fuel costs, reduce pollution and provide cleaner exhaust emissions.
  • Reduce Inventory – No need to carry large air filters inventories, further decreasing costs and increasing profits. You can reduce your inventory by 75%!
  • Quality Assurance – We go through a rigorous inspection process to give you confidence in a quality product being returned to you.


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