Coates Claimed

Special pricing on hire, exc large earthwork equipment

Coates Geraldton equipment hire comes backed by a dedicated team of product specialists and engineers covering everything from general machine hire to special project requirements. We are here to help people who are giving it a go, with our expertise, our support and our gear, so they can get out there to build more, build better and build more safely. So if you’re looking for advice or need to find a solution fast, our Services Team are always happy to help anyway they can.’

Coates  Geraldton
Geraldton WA · (08) 9920 4200

Coates  Morawa
Morawa WA · (08) 9960 1000

Coates  Leinster
Leinster WA · (08) 9037 9191

Coates  Collie
Collie WA · (08) 9734 0000

Coates  Bunbury
Davenport WA · (08) 9722 8000

Coates  Kalgoorlie
Kalgoorlie WA · (08) 9026 0400

Australia’s largest equipment hire company. Coats Hire provide you the best equipment hire service in Geraldton. Special pricing on all hire excluding large earthwork equipment .