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Your vehicle’s cooling system is in expert hands at Joseph Radiators and Air Conditioning. Let’s get it back to work and in optimum condition today.
Company Overview
Joseph Radiators and Air Conditioning is a family-owned and run business who is experienced and passionate about cooling systems. We are also part of the Natrad
Joseph Radiators & Air Conditioning was established in 1987 by Ron and Dianne Joseph, and has been a Natrad Franchise since 1994.
Ron started his journey at the age of 15 when he left school to become a Sheetmetal Worker at Fitzpatricks. 2 years into his employment he started working on radiators. 50 years later brings us to today. Ron now owns 4 Natrad Franchised Stores and employs 16 staff.
Joseph Radiators & Airconditioning moved to their current premises in 1992, which consists of a purpose built radiator workshop, purpose built air conditioning workshop and stock storage sheds.
Joseph Radiators & Airconditioning currently have 8 staff which consists of Ron & Dianne Joseph (Directors), and their son Dayle Joseph and daughter Kerry-Anne Joseph who also take care of the day to day running of the business.
Components, cores and complete assemblies including:
• Radiators, tanks, fans, thermostats, caps
• Hoses, clamps, belts
• Heat exchangers, fins and ducts
• Condensers, compressors, evaporators and fittings
• Heaters, o-rings, pressure switches, receiver driers
• Refrigerant and TX valves
We stock brands including:
• Adrad Radiators
• AR Industrial
• Century batteries
• Boxer Ute Trays
• AdAir Auto Products

All are installed by our experienced technicians to ensure your engine is performing reliably. Our technicians are also skilled to repair parts where possible.