J’s Hardware & Gifts

5 to 10% Discount on all lines except SALE items

Hardware – Gifts – Pre loved clothes, books and shoes

  • Tech screws, drill bits, tools, hose clamps, bolts & nuts
  • Swimming pool water testing and supplies
  • Electrical – extension cords, power boards, globes, batteries
  • Plumbing – washers, repair kits, washing machine hoses
  • Silastic, degreaser, spray paint
  • Car cleaning products
  • “Kings” generator, spotties, jump starts
  • Kettles, toasters, irons, air fryer, microwave
  • Cable ties, battery charges, gardening tools, hanging baskets, potting mix
  • Gifts – candles, wind chimes, dream catches,Buddha’s

  • A little bit of lots of things…..

Email: jshardwareperenjori@gmail.com