Mach 1 / Auto One Claimed

Up to 20% Discount. Up to 50% off on clearance items

In 1988, ten devoted, independent parts and accessories operators established Auto One to enable Member owner-operators to be competitive against the growing presence of corporate companies in the marketplace.

That philosophy remains central to the company’s mandate today.
Today, Auto One is an independent, Member-owned automotive parts and accessory group that is privately listed and owned by its Members through shares.
Auto One has a prominent name and image that has high customer recognition in the automotive parts and accessories market.

Our slogan: “Right Gear! Right Advice!” strategically positions Auto One within the trade and retail segments of the market and supports the company’s future direction.

Mach 1 Auto One offer up to 20% Discount across their huge range of automotive parts and accessories Brands include Alpine, GME audio, Kingchrome, SP Tools & many more…..