Midwest Groundwater Claimed

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Midwest Groundwater has been owned by Chad and Loretta Graham for 9 years.

Our business is located at 16 Elliott St in ISSEKA.

Chad, being bought up on many cattle & sheep stations and in Geraldton & surrounds has a vast skill set and knowledge of the industry.

Loretta, being raised on a dairy farm and working on cattle & sheep stations of WA also has an agricultural background which is fundamental when working in our industry.

Prior to commencing Midwest Groundwater, Chad & Loretta successfully operated a dairy farm in Northern Victoria. This venture provided us with a huge amount of experience which has been carried through to Midwest Groundwater.

Midwest Groundwater are based in the Midwest of Western Australia.  We service Geraldton and the Midwest and beyond.

We can:

  • Design and install LORENTZ Solar Water pumps to suit your particular¬†application.
  • Supply & Install FRANKLIN Pump products
  • Supply and Install of Kingspan RHINO Water Tanks
  • Supply and install new & used complete Windmills to suit your needs.
  • Supply a wide range of Windmill parts including new and used.
  • Supply you with a large range of Centrifugal & Helical Rotor Pumps.
  • Provide a well-cleaning and re-lining service.
  • Provide emergency Submersible and Gen-set hire.
  • Provide General Fabrication and Farm Welding.